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Kayapo - native indians Brazil (Naturism, Film)

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Kayapo - native indians Brazil (Naturism, Film)
Kayapo - native indians Brazil (Naturism, Film)

Kayapo - native indians Brazil (Naturism, Film).
The story of one of the tribes of the Amazon, for which the concept of "civilization" means something different than others dressed people on the planet.
Few people today can not imagine that there are still people who have no idea - is such a mobile phone, computer, or car, and there are a lot of people. For example, the Kayapo tribe, which has 7,000 people and live in the Amazon jungle. Although some of the people of this nation, and gained access to the benefits of modern civilization, but the majority live as their ancestors did: subsistence minimum of clothing, the maximum harmony with nature. And they are happy!
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